Emmanuel Talabi

Emmanuel began his career in London with Nomura International Plc in 2005, and quickly pro- gressed in the structured equity group. Emmanuel later joined funds Kingham Capital, then Winchester Capital as a partner before setting his own fund Auriga Capital Limited. After 15 years of finance deploying numerous strategies across a wide range of products, Emmanuel decided to start a new venture in which he has always had a key interest, Enterprise Aviation. Emmanuel brings a wide range of relationships and financial know-how.

Mohammed Ali

Ali joined us following an 11 year career in finance. Specialising in equity derivatives, Ali acted as an intermediary arranging transactions between various financial institutions. Having represented numerous tier 1 global investment banks and hedge funds, in an agency broker capacity, he joins us with a specialist skill set in sales, negotiation and relationship management.

Sam Adams

Sam joins us with over a decade of industry knowledge initially gained within an airline setting and then later transitioned over to an Engine OEM. The need for independent supply chain services was apparent, and as such is determined to provide high quality services to Enterprise aviation clients and partners.